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VCMS community classes instruct groups of 4-8 students at a beginner or intermediate level and cover music theory, technique, repertoire, and performance at a very low cost to the individual. Students will perform in recitals to showcase their work and talent. Community Classes are held weekly at our locations with the benefit of in-house instruments. This makes for a perfect opportunity to try a new instrument without having to purchase it first. VCMS partners with local organizations and ministries to create community classes in your neighborhood.


Community Classes are offered in the following disciplines:​​

 - Guitar

 - Drums

 - Keyboard

 - Music Production​


VCMS offers after-school music classes to public, private, and charter schools. Curriculum can be tailored to fit your school’s needs, but will always include basic proficiency in a discipline and basic music notation giving students exposure to music as well as preparation for future musical opportunities. Classes can perform at school events along with a recital at the end of the semester. Classroom sizes are between 8-20 students per teacher depending on the type of class. Arrangements can be made to have multiple teachers. Classes can be held at any of our sites or at your school.

After-School Classes are currently offered in the following disciplines:


  • Music Production

  • Choir

  • Ensembles

  • Basic Music Elective (music notation, keyboard proficiency, composition & performance)

  • Drumline

  • Keyboard

  • Guitar

  • Ukulele

Music Class
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